Aalberts Industries N.V.

Aalberts Industries N.V.

The Aalberts Industries Group, created in 1975 and listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange since March 1987, is a technology company specialised in industrial systems and processes. Renowned for its high-tech solutions, the group is divided into four businesses.

Building installations

Building Installations manufactures and markets complete connection systems and valves to distribute and control water or gas in heating, cooling, (drinking) water, gas and sprinkler systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Climate control

Climate Control develops and manufactures complete hydronic systems – from generator to emitter – for heating and cooling installations. The systems are designed for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, both new build and renovation. 

Industrial controls

Industrial Controls develops, engineers and produces regulation and control systems for selected niche markets (district energy, oil & gas, semicon & science, beverage dispense, etc.). These technology-market combinations are characterised by an increasing demand for complex, high value and specific applications. 

Industrial services

Industrial Services offers a unique combination of advanced material technology know-how, highly specialised manufacturing expertise and a global network of locations with excellent local knowledge and service. This business improves material characteristics through surface treatments or heat treatments, in combination with highly specialised production expertise for specific end markets.


To learn more about the activities and companies of the Aalberts Industries Group, visit the website https://www.aalberts.com/en/