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Juan José

Supply Chain / Logistics
International operations manager

Checy logistics platform - In COMAP since 2003

I have a degree in business administration and management, a Master’s in purchasing and a Master’s in supply chain management...


Environment, Health & Safety
Group Quality Manager

With COMAP since 1985

I hold a technical baccalauréat and as part of my professional training, I obtained a university degree in quality management and a management diploma (MCR)...


IT applications manager

Chez COMAP depuis 2011

I graduated from an engineering school (UTBM) with a specialization in IT systems and networks. During my studies I did a number of internships mixing computer science with purely industrial projects; my other internships were more focused on software...


Marketing / Communications
Digital Communications Specialist

In COMAP since 2017

My background is rather unusual as, after obtaining my Baccalauréat (option-marketing), I decided to do literary studies. I then obtained a Masters in Languages, Culture and Business, with a specialisation in Japanese.


Human Resources
HR Development and Communications Manager

In COMAP since 2014

I am a graduate of the Grenoble Business School, with a specialisation in human resources. During my studies, I took a year out to work as an intern at Veolia, working on a range of HR subjects, such as training, recruitment and diversity....

Daniela Pitossi COMAP


Purchasing manager

Brescia plant (Italy) - With COMAP since 2001

"I started out with COMAP as a receptionist. After joining the purchasing department as an assistant, I'm now the buyer for the site.  I make sure we have the supplies we need to run the plant at the lowest cost, on...


Marketing / Communications
Communications Officer
With COMAP since 2013
"My job is to produce sales literature (catalogues, brochures, etc.), as well as to roll out product launches (using dedicated websites, apps, press relations, etc.). I work for all the Group's subsidiaries, providing...
Tony - Forklift truck operator – COMAP Chécy logistics centre


Supply Chain / Logistics
Forklift truck operator

Chécy logistics centre (45) - With COMAP since 2008

"I work on storing products and preparing orders. I am also involved in stock-taking. In addition, I train other centre employees to be a forklift truck operators, especially when we need temporary...

Patrick - IT Applications and Networks Manager COMAP


IT Applications and Networks Manager

With COMAP since 1992

"I've been working for COMAP for over 20 years, in IT. Nowadays my job is to manage system and network infrastructures, decision-making applications and desktop software".

Céline - Customer Service Representative - COMAP France


Sales & Customer Service
Customer Service Representative

COMAP France - With COMAP since 2001

"I manage a portfolio of professional building industry clients spread across several different regions, including Rhône-Alpes and Brittany. As the main point of contact for these clients, I deal with their queries and...