Cettina Fina COMAP

Human resources manager and executive assistant

Brescia plant (Italy) - With COMAP since 2002

My qualifications

I began working as a trainee in a bank within the communication & customer assistance service. Then, I worked in a temporary employment agency for a year where I discovered human resources management jobs.

My professional experience

I joined COMAP in July 2002 as Executive Assistant. Through training and thanks to the confidence my manager showed me, I became specialized in human resources by combining the positions of Human Resources Manager and Executive Assistant.

My entry at COMAP

I joined the COMAP Group in November 2005 as Europe Purchasing Manager. This important change in my working environment enabled me to discover the construction sector!

My daily work at COMAP

I am in charge of staff management, recruitment and budget, as well as social relations of our site. I am the contact for all questions concerning training and skills development. I also assist the factory manager in his missions.

Currently, projects are multiple, ambitious and concern the entire company. Daily, the collaborative ambition of the company project Com'Up 2022 is very absorbing.

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

We never get bored! There are always new challenges, multiple projects. We work in parallel with colleagues from headquarters and other sites. It promotes collaboration and we feel like a part of a big family!

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