Production manager

In COMAP since 1996

My qualifications

I am graduated from a technical school: ITIS B. Castelli located in Brescia in northern Italy. I followed a specialization of expert in industrial mechanics

My professional experience

After graduating, I worked for a year in a workshop producing small kitchen utensils.

My entry at COMAP

I started my career at COMAP in 1996 as a tool setter. In 2005, I moved to a position of machining workshop manager and since 2010 I am the production manager.

My daily work at COMAP

As production manager, I am in charge of the team management (30 people), the organization of the production and of the maintenance of the 3 workshops: machining, assembly and packaging.

I have also to ensure that the various safety and environmental processes within the plant are respected.

Finally, I manage investment projects to complete or improve our machinery and to seek new technologies to be more efficient and competitive.

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

After more than 20 years at COMAP, I'm always happy to be part of this team!

It is a serious company that cares about its employees as well as its customers.

COMAP involves all employees in its projects, its dynamics, giving everyone the opportunity to improve, to progress. The group is always launching new challenges while following its direction and goals.

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