Digital Communications Specialist - In COMAP since 2014

My qualifications

I am a graduate of the Grenoble Business School, with a specialisation in human resources. During my studies, I took a year out to work as an intern at Veolia, working on a range of HR subjects, such as training, recruitment and diversity.

My professional experience

After my studies, I joined a recruitment agency, first as a recruitment officer and then as a consultant.

This was very good training, but I wanted to go back to an HR position within a company, with a wider range of subjects to work on.

My entry at COMAP

I joined COMAP in March 2014, initially as a recruitment and internal communications specialist. I rapidly took on a wider role as a Human Resources Manager, with new responsibilities in training and cross-functional projects, in addition to recruitment and internal communications.

In January 1st 2018, I became HR Development and Communications Manager.

My daily work at COMAP

The role is very varied and there is no lack of projects! I am still in charge of some of the recruitments for the group. I also work on skill and career development, covering People Reviews, talent management and the creation of COMAP training programmes. I am in charge of internal communications, particularly our internal magazine and employee satisfaction surveys.

In parallel, I run or contribute to a number of cross-functional projects, such as the development of collaborative tools, the deployment of our values or the implementation of more agile work practices!

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

At COMAP, things are always moving!  Every year brings something new. We have launched a company project to transform COMAP, with a range of interesting projects that employees can take part in. Every effort is made to empower employees and encourage them to take the initiative.

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