Apprentice machining
Machining professional baccalaureat


In middle school, I did an internship at COMAP at the Abbeville factory. I was convinced by this first experience so I did a professional baccalaureat in machining. During that degree I also did my high school internship at the Abbeville factory.

My Daily work at COMAP

During this internship I had different machining missions: sharpening, equipment preparation, operator and also troubleshooting.

In what way your work at COMAP will contribute for your future career?

COMAP gave me a lot of knowledge and skills. Initiatives are encouraged, which allowed me to gain confidence in myself and in my abilities.

What is your best memory of your internship? 

One of the situations I faced was to remove a broken tool from a machine. I then sharpened the tool, measured it, reassembled it and I changed the gauge in the machine. One of my best memories was also to have the opportunity to work at the same time as my father.

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