Juan José

International operations manager

Checy logistics platform - In COMAP since 2003

My qualifications

I have a degree in business administration and management, a Master’s in purchasing and a Master’s in supply chain management.

My professional experience

From 1995 I worked for several industrial companies as a logistics and purchasing Manager, before joining COMAP.

My entry at COMAP

I joined COMAP in July 2003 as a logistics manager and local products purchaser at the group’s Spanish subsidiary. After seven years in Spain. I moved to the group’s logistics platform in Chécy, as a manager of operations for the group’s subsidiaries and international business.

In September 2016, I joined the Supply Chain Department as a Lean Supply Manager.

My daily work at COMAP

At COMAP we have a lot of logistics projects at our subsidiaries. The group is growing and every subsidiary has its specific logistics challenges. I am also in charge of monitoring planning for our PEX pipe factory in Nevers.

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

One of COMAP’s strong points is its dynamism, with new projects launched regularly. From the day I joined COMAP and still today, my projects and missions are always very varied. I had the opportunity to move to France thanks to our internal mobility. This was a great international experience from both a professional and a personal perspective. The company project is very motivating and my job allows me to work on group-wide projects that give me knowledge and experience in other areas within the company. There is no place for routine!

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