Operational Marketing Assistant
Lyon - France Marketing Service
Master's degree in Digital Marketing


After a science baccalaureate, I completed a degree in Management and Human Sciences at the University of Lyon. Then, I enrolled a Master's degree in Digital Marketing through apprenticeship at COMAP.

My daily work at COMAP

Within the operational marketing department, I am in charge of digital actions, such as COMAP France website animation and I participate in redesigning the retail activity website. I am also involved in emailing, in the writing of the internal newsletter and in the creation of communication media & merchandising supports.

In what way your work at COMAP will contribute for your future career?

This learning experience at COMAP is my first steps into the professional world. I appreciate being given the opportunity to use marketing tools and software for concrete cases, and I will now be able to confidently and serenely consider my future professional career.

What is your best memory of your internship?

What I will particularly remember from my apprenticeship at COMAP is the warm welcome I received when I arrived and the good working atmosphere within the department, which allowed me to feel fully integrated.

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