RID engineer apprentice
Nevers - RID Service


I’m currently studying on a Master’s degree in Plastics and Composite Materials Engineering School, which I’m doing in apprenticeship at COMAP.

My daily work at COMAP

Assigned to the research and development department, my main missions are to optimise certain parts of the manufacturing process, participate in product certifications and carry out research projects (new products, recycling method).

If necessary, I intervene with other support services to help them to carry out controls.

In what way your work at COMAP will contribute for your future career?

The apprenticeship is an alliance between student and employee life. It permits to obtain a diploma while you are integrating gradually the working world.

What is your best memory of your internship?

At first sight, my best memory would be the integration at the Nevers factory. I immediately felt like a part of the team.

My contract ends in September 2020, I still have time to enrich my souvenir box. My planned business trip to Italy will certainly be part of the list.

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