Operational marketing manager

In COMAP since 1992

My qualifications

I am graduated in international sales management and I obtained a master in business and marketing from IAE Paris Sorbonne.

My professional experience

I started being an export area manager and lived a year and a half in Spain. For 3 years I have been selling roads and highways security devices all over Southern Europe, Near and Middle East, before to enter COMAP in the export sales administration team.

4 years later, passionate about products, customers and COMAP added value to the market, I joined the European marketing team as a product manager assistant. In 2001, I started leading the European control and regulation portfolio.

10 years after, willing to get closer to the market, I focused on French market with a market manager role.

In 2017, COMAP entrusted me a new challenge: the operational marketing management of the French subsidiary.

My entry at COMAP

I joined COMAP in 1992, when the head office moved from Saint Denis de l’Hôtel to Lyon.

I had the pleasure of being part of this highly motivating challenge, when adaptability, open mindedness, team spirit together with people energy and creativity gave deep and solid roots to COMAP.

My daily work at COMAP

In a commercial subsidiary the day to day activity is a subtle mix of mid-term missions and immediate answers to customers requests!

Together with my 3 specialists team, we provide the sales teams accurate selling tools (catalogue, brochures, goodies…), offer them an upstream support to their actions. We work on merchandising and sales promotions programs and we manage both print and web communication plans, as well as events and exhibitions.

We have extended contact with customers, providers and close contact with most of the department of the company.

Our aim is to bring the company vision to customers benefits thanks to a consistent offer and actions plan.

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

COMAP is not a quiet river, you can never be bored!

I’ve always been able to satisfy my thirst for learning. I find here trust, support, team spirit and plenty of challenges that made me grow up and renew my energies.

Initiatives are encouraged, relationships are business and results oriented though friendly. Proximity is a strong value that enable sharings with every hierarchy level. As a consequence, the employees are empowered for the best of the company and of the persons.

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