CIS Infrastructure & System Specialist
Lyon - ITS Service


I resumed my studies when I was 25 in the field of IT and more precisely in the Cloud, Security & Network environment. After a work/study Bachelor's degree at Restalliance as an IT support technician, I started a work/study two-year Master's degree at COMAP.

My daily work at COMAP

My job at COMAP, is based on IT project management, together with technical and user support. This focuses mainly on three  missions:

  • Participation in the collaborative follow-up change project within the company
  • A project of securing the Group IT computer workstations of raising user awareness related to safety risks
  • Implementation of a catalogue gathering all the services promoted by the ITS department.

In what way your work at COMAP will contribute for your future career?

My various assignments at COMAP offer several benefits for my professional career. As project management is highlighted in most of my missions, it constitutes a real training base in this field I am particularly interested in and towards which I would like to move later. In addition, the technical aspect always present in the security project or support tasks both lead me to focus on certain technologies.

The diversity of my assignments at COMAP allows me to benefit from instructive career path; perfectly complemented by the autonomy I am given. Due to the additional skills learned during this experience, I have more self-confidence. This is a real bonus!

What is your best memory of your internship?

I will remember particularly the company’s culture that goes through its embodied and respected core values. These are not simply values written under the company's name, but values that are integral part of everyone. Everyone is pulling in the same direction. Friendliness and proximity within the company and the ITS department are irrefutable strengths. This is rare enough to be pointed out!

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