Apprentice logistics manager
Bac+4 Logistics manager diploma


I obtained my baccalauréat in accounting in 2010. After several changes in direction, I started a sandwich course in logistics in 2014 at the AFTRAL training school in transport and logistics, in Cournon d’Auvergne. Then, in 2016, I did a work-study course at the Clermont-Ferrand Chamber of Commerce, combining my studies with an internship at COMAP’s Nevers site.

My daily work at COMAP

I worked on the site’s different logistical issues: production planning, chartering vehicles, stock management, etc. I also learnt how to manage supplies and site purchasing and I was in charge of logistics reporting. 

In what way your work at COMAP will contribute for your future career?

Joining COMAP allowed me to develop my skills in logistics and to learn more about the industrial sector. Thanks to this experience, I am ready to start my career in the best conditions.

What is your best memory of your internship?

I have several happy memories of this internship. I think that the best memory is the moment when I started to feel fully part of the logistics department and of the whole team at the factory. 

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