In COMAP since 2010

My qualifications

I have a Master’s degree in purchasing management, from the IAE management school in Lyon.

My professional experience

I first joined the electrical specialist Mersen as an apprentice buyer and then went on to become an industrial buyer. Following this experience, I joined the group Baxter, specialised in medical products and then Manitowoc, a company specialised in lifting material. Each time, I worked as a buyer, with a portfolio that was very different from one company to the next.

My entry at COMAP

I joined COMAP as a buyer for the first time in 2010, replacing someone who was on maternity leave. After several other missions as a buyer outside the company, I joined COMAP once again in 2012.

My daily work at COMAP

In particular, I am in charge of trading purchases (components for underfloor heating, fittings, etc.), component purchases (waterproofing, packaging, oil) and service purchases (vehicle financing, product handling material, photocopiers, transport services, IT, etc.).

My perimeter covers the whole group, to allow me to generate synergies when this is possible. I have a lot of contact with the different factories and subsidiaries within the group and it is this contact on a wide range of subjects that makes our job so interesting!

The "little extras" I appreciate at COMAP

What I really appreciate is the fact that I have been given responsibility for industrial purchases despite not having a technical background. I am in charge of a wide range of purchases (services, components, finished products). The approach is different even if the ultimate objective is always the same.

Purchasing finished products means that I must have a complete understanding of these from a sales and marketing point of view, not just a buyer’s perspective. When purchasing components, it is important to have carried out a complete analysis of the precise requirements. I therefore need to take on an engineer’s / technician’s perspective to understand the price mechanisms.

Finally, a very rigorous approach is required when purchasing services. The ‘tip of the iceberg’ is easy to control in cost terms, but the hidden part, which represents two-thirds of the volume, is a lot more complex. It is important to manage all the surrounding costs, which is the key to success with these sorts of purchases.

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