Connection solutions

Professional connections for faster, safer and more competitive installations

Our range of new generation fittings and pipes combines technical reliability with ease of installation. You can install more energy-efficient networks with a view to reducing the overall energy bill.

COMAP’s Multiconnect® range offers numerous advantages:

  • 4 comprehensive product lines available in a wide choice of dimensions: SkinPress, XPress, SudoPress et Tectite
  • COMAP’s quality: European design & manufacture and system guarantee
  • The benefits of crimping and push-fit technologies: faster, more economical and more effective
  • COMAP “plus points” such as adaptor fittings for multi-material systems

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Multilayer pipe systems and multilayer crimp fittings in brass and PPSU

Three times lighter than copper, the multilayer pipe represents an excellent compromise between value and technical performance: limited thermal expansion, airtight, quiet, flexible and manageable.
• COMAP’s MultiSkin pipe is unique due to the thickness of its aluminium layer and production quality (butt weld).
• With COMAP’s Skin range, installing multilayer systems is quick and safe.

Crimp fittings for copper pipes (solar, water, gas)

Copper, a high-grade material, remains the most widely used for heating and sanitation pipes in Europe. Its advantages include: low thermal expansion, airtight, workability.
• It lends itself to numerous applications: sanitation, heating, gas, solar, etc.
COMAP has manufactured copper fittings in France since 1960 and has continued to break new ground in offering superior quality products. With SudoPress fittings, high-grade copper can be combined with crimping.
• SudoPress is also available in steel and stainless steel in certain countries.

Pipes and crimp fittings in stainless steel and carbon steel

• EZ steel and stainless steel can satisfy specific requirements (sanitation and hygiene requirements, economical service shafts for large-scale projects, etc.).
• COMAP offers a range of high-quality fittings and pipes, available in diameters of 12 mm to 108 mm, in a choice of two materials: galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel.

Push-fit fittings for copper and PEX pipes and carbon steel pipes

• Designed using the latest technology, the Tectite push-fit fitting has no direct equivalent in the market. Its unique design means an optimised footprint (30% slimmer), helping to reduce pressure drop.
• Tectite offers unparalleled speed and ease of installation (no tools to carry, clean and tidy work site).
Fully versatile and removable, Tectite fittings are suitable for mixed systems (crimped riser/on-demand distribution) and complete projects (e.g. collective standard).
• We offer a unique range of (non-removable) carbon steel systems, available in large diameters (up to 63).