Connection solutions

Safer and faster connection solutions, ensuring optimal performance of networks over time.

Safer and faster connection solutions, ensuring optimal performance of networks over time.

Our offer of new generation fittings and pipes combines technical reliability with ease of installation. It makes it possible to install more energy-efficient networks, ensuring the comfort and well-being of inhabitants.

COMAP’s connection solutions guarantee:

  • A wide range of materials, dimensions and technologies for your thermal and sanitary networks.
  • COMAP quality design and manufacturing, with a system guarantee
  • The benefits of crimping and push-fit technologies: faster, more economical and more effective
  • COMAP “plus points” such as adaptor fittings for multi-material systems
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multilayer fitting

Multilayer system

Three times lighter than copper, the multilayer pipe represents an excellent compromise between value and technical performance: limited thermal expansion, airtight, quiet, flexible and easy to use. • COMAP’s MultiSkin pipe is unique due to the thickness of its aluminium layer and production quality (butt weld). • With COMAP’s multilayer fittings, installing multilayer systems is quick and safe.

PEX system

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is commonly used for water networks, heating installations and underfloor heating. It is the ideal material for concealed networks. • This solution offers many advantages:  flexibility, lightness, resistance to corrosion, simplicity of use… • COMAP offers a wide range of PEX connection technologies, adapted to the specific characteristics of each worksite.
copper fittings

Copper system

Copper, a high-grade material, remains the most widely used for heating and sanitary networks in Europe. Its advantages include low thermal expansion, airtightness, workability. • COMAP offers superior quality copper fittings for easier installation and greater durability.