Control solutions

Efficient control is essential to reducing energy consumption while offering enhanced comfort and safety. 

Interfaces, balancing, control valves, thermostatic control, underfloor heating and cooling... our product ranges harness the latest technology for customised precision control of sanitation, heating and cooling systems.

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radiator valve

Climate control

COMAP’s heating products are among the market leaders. The quality and reliability of these essential heating system components optimise performance and reduce heating bills.
COMAP's solutions:
> Thermostatic heads
> Thermostatic valves
> Manual valves
> Control fittings
> Hydraulic modules
> Safety units


Balancing valves for heating, air conditioning and sanitation

COMAP offers a full range of balancing valves, actuators and flow meters for perfect flow distribution in the riser mains, horizontal networks and terminal units for high-rise buildings and apartment blocks.
COMAP's solutions:
> Vario and 750: manuals balancing valves
> Venturi: venturi manual balancing valves
> PICV: flow control valves regardless of pressure
> DPCV: differential pressure control valves

radiant systems

Underfloor heating and cooling

COMAP is suitable for any underfloor heating and cooling configuration. Key benefits: comprehensive, easy to install, turnkey solutions. 

COMAP's solutions:
> Plus System
> Tacker System
> Optima System
> Planea System
> Dry System
> Rail System