Discover COMAP

The COMAP group designs and manufactures comprehensive solutions to optimise comfort and environmental performance in buildings.

With nearly a century of expertise in plumbing and climate control, COMAP applies its industrial know-how to develop solutions for the complete spectrum of thermal and sanitary installations.

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Our mission

Act sustainably for well-being at the heart of living spaces

Water and energy are at the heart of people’s concerns and daily life. Managing them intelligently is key for collective and individual well-being.

COMAP’s solutions for thermal and sanitary installations operate at the heart of buildings. They are sometimes invisible, but always make a fundamental contribution to the way a building functions.

Our strategy

To offer value-added solutions that ensure environmental performance and comfort in residential buildings

COMAP’s products and systems are developed and manufactured in the group’s design departments and factories in France and Italy. They cover a wide spectrum of thermal and sanitary applications: control, connection and water quality.

Combining technical performance and ease of implementation and use, COMAP solutions contribute to efficient, reliable installations that ensure the comfort of building occupants over the long term.

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