Aalberts hydronic flow control (Flamco and Comap) merge digital workspace and combine digital assets

29 September 2021

Since the start of 2021, Flamco and Comap have joined forces and together form Aalberts hydronic flow control. Following the successful merge, Flamco and Comap are combining digital assets, capabilities and technologies. Now, Aalberts hydronic flow control (Flamco and Comap) has unified digital workplaces, enhancing connectivity, productivity and communications. Together, the two sister companies of Aalberts hydronic flow control cover every phase in the life cycle of building installations and create a complete installation portfolio from source to emitter. Thanks to the synergy of merging digital assets, Aalberts hydronic flow control is able to offer improved customer experience.


Both Flamco and Comap have updated contact information and upgraded to the same mail domain. As of October 20, 2021, please contact us, Aalberts hydronic flow control (Flamco and Comap) for general questions at info@aalberts-hfc.com. Emails sent to Flamco Group and Comap addresses will be automatically directed to aalberts-hfc domain. Check out our updated contact page for the newest contact information of all departments of Aalberts hydronic flow control.