COMAP is changing and it shows!

01 February 2013

In early 2013, COMAP changed its logo and visual style. These changes are part of a global, proactive approach. By doing so, COMAP intends to restate its position as leader in its markets. 


What does our logo say?

Our new logo, which is stronger and sleeker, symbolises both our professionalism and our dynamism. The red means energy and our focus on our stakeholders. The grey expresses our expertise and our desire for excellence. The typeface (font) of the logo has been redesigned: clear and refined, it gives the brand restraint and elegance. It gives the logo an institutional appearance, one that is “solid” thanks to the use of “vertical strokes”, but also open and welcoming because of the curves of the A, the traditional indicator of our brand.
The adoption of a signature is an essential element: what we have chosen, solutions for efficiency, is a simple and direct way of stating the mission that we intend to fulfil. The balance and simplicity of the logo as a whole is intended to be a reflection of our determination: we are here to make a concrete contribution to the optimal efficiency of systems for the control and distribution of fluids in the building.
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