COMAP integrates the assets and technology of the French start-up QIVIVO

05 October 2018

COMAP is announcing today the acquisition of the assets and technology of QIVIVO, a French start-up based in Nantes. This acquisition will enable COMAP to optimize comfort and well-being in the living spaces by bringing more connectivity and artificial intelligence to its solution.

Develop innovative solutions for comfort

After several months of collaboration with QIVIVO on the COMAP Smart Home autonomous heating solution, COMAP announces the acquisition of the technology of the Nantes start-up.

Created in 2012, QIVIVO quickly distinguished itself with its smart thermostats’ solutions combining comfort optimization and control of energy consumption. The start-up also won numerous awards and was identified as a green start-up during the COP21 in 2015 in Paris.

The QIVIVO artificial intelligence platform teams will integrate the newly formed COMAP Smart Lab, located in Nantes. Their role will be to continue to ensure the quality of service provided to QIVIVO’s smart thermostats to customers and users and to ensure the continuity of functional evolutions for the solution.

This acquisition will also enable more connectivity and artificial intelligence to be incorporated into COMAP thermal and sanitary solutions. These intelligent technological evolutions will bring even more comfort to all the customers and users of COMAP and QIVIVO’s solutions.