COMAP launches its MyCOMAP smartphone application

COMAP launches its MyCOMAP smartphone application
25 September 2017

COMAP has launched MyCOMAP, a smartphone application which allows installers to get the best performance out of COMAP solutions. The first module in the MyCOMAP application gives you the right setting for different valves, to ensure optimal performance.

An application to help installers in their daily work

Thanks to the first module in the MyCOMAP application, you can adjust COMAP products to the right setting, after entering information on the particular installation, such as flow rate, output and Kv.

With these different parameters, it is possible to adjust:  

  • Manual radiator valves
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Lockshields
  • Balancing valves

The aim of the MyCOMAP application is to make life easier for installers. Thanks to this first module, there is no longer any need to use hydraulic curves to adjust a radiator or a balancing valve. You can also avoid making calculation errors.

MyCOMAP makes it possible to get the very best out of COMAP products, using information that is easily accessible and linked to the specific installation.

MyCOMAP Product TypeMyCOMAP Result

Download MyCOMAP for free

The MyCOMAP application is available for free download on iOS and Android. It is currently available in French, English and Dutch.

Download your MyCOMAP application now:

Further modules will be available shortly to facilitate the installation and use of COMAP products.