COMAP partner of “48-hours to bring ideas to life”

48-hours to bring ideas to life
14 November 2019

At COMAP, innovation is permanent and in all areas: it is the consideration of societal issues and changes influencing our organizations as well as the development of products with a desire to place users and contributors at the center of our reflections. In that spirit of permanent innovation, COMAP will participate from 28 to 30 November 2019, to an event that brings together several institutions of higher education in France and abroad: "48 hours to make ideas live" (“48 heures pour faire vivre des idées”).

Foster openness and innovation

“48 hours to bring ideas to life” is an event created 18 years ago by several higher education training sites with the aim of strengthening synergies and links between students, companies and educational & research institutions.

The goal of these two days: to introduce students to the research and development tools and methods used in the professional world to stimulate their openness and creativity in order to develop new concepts. For COMAP, it is a great opportunity to benefit from observations from a young audience aware of the issues of preservation of water and energy resources.

Teams of 8 to 10 students will work on topics proposed by companies and will compare their ideas and solutions with other groups, located in France and abroad, to enrich each of the concepts they have imagined.

COMAP challenge students

For its first participation, COMAP will propose to students to work on the theme of water and energy. They will discover the details of the topic they will have to deal with on November 28th, during the inauguration of the event.

Students will have their imagination for only limit to invent concepts, products and / or services by proposing new and intelligent solutions answering the problem of COMAP.

At the end of the event, the imagined solutions may be developed and optimized by our Research, Innovation & Development department, in collaboration with the student group behind the innovation.