Road trip for a COMAP employee

Road trip for COMAP heating expert Nicolas
12 June 2018

Nicolas, heating expert at COMAP, set off on an unforgettable journey on April 25 2018. Accompanied by his fellow traveller Mickey, he undertook an extraordinary adventure on his motorbike: a 25,000 km road trip, from France to Mongolia.


3 months on the road and 25 different countries await Nicolas and Mickey, as well as the opportunity to stop off at some of COMAP's factories and meet customers in Italy, Hungary and Russia.

But above all, the road trip is a source of unforeseen events and surprises. We have seen this by following Nicolas' daily adventures on Facebook. Hotel stays, camping, nights staying with local hosts: sometimes unpredictable events on the road trip force them to adapt to the situation and find solutions. Among the chance encounters, each more incredible than the previous one, we note in particular Tony, a 59-year-old French compatriot who left the country in October by bicycle and who lets himself be carried by events!

Travellers of all nationalities (American, Kazakh, German, Canadian, English, Israeli…) and even travel for a few days with some of them. Without forgetting the locals, who are delighted to share a meal and even act as a guide, like Adel in Baku (Azerbaidjan).

As we write this article, Nicolas has been gone for over a month and should be in  Kazakhstan. Mongolia is rapidly approaching and time flies as we track his progress.

If you also want to follow this extraordinary journey, visit our Facebook page (in French) where we relay information on his adventure. Breathtaking scenery awaits you!