Quality: a fundamental requirement

The quality of our solutions is essential to ensure that of our partners and their installations. Adopting a quality policy is essential for COMAP, as it is closely linked to performance and also forms the backbone of our sustainable development strategy.

From production to service: operational excellence through quality

Our quality management system is the cornerstone of our strategy and a guarantee of the reliability, performance and durability of our products. We use this as the foundation for all our activities, striving for operational excellence at all levels. That is why our quality policy is about more than just production: it concerns each and every employee of the COMAP group, making sure we work together to achieve a common goal.

The ISO approach

In line with its quality approach, the entire group, including its support departments, has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994, when the process began.

> Download the certificate of COMAP Group.

In addition, our plants in Abbeville in France and Roncadelle in Italy have been ISO 14001certified since 2007 and 2009 respectively.

> Download the certificate of Abbeville.
> Download the certificate of Roncadelle.

Product conformity

The quality of our solutions is essential to support complex, critical systems. Combining durability, technical quality and ease of installation, our products deliver total confidence in system performance. They conform to the most stringent regulations and standards.

These are some of the certifications they have received:





In addition to the statutory requirements, COMAP also develops its own specifications for each product that the group brings to market. It is particularly committed to:

  • promoting the ease and safety of implementation of its products by professionals
  • delivering the best possible technical performance, going beyond the latest standards
  • facilitating the usability of the end product (in terms of ergonomics, simplicity and connectivity)
  • focusing on energy-saving design and manufacturing.