Research and innovation

A strong culture of innovation

Throughout its history, COMAP has been the source of significant progress in its sector, developing solutions to continue improving comfort for installers and end-users. Today, the group is focusing more than ever on research and innovation to develop high value-added solutions, capable of bringing new benefits to clients and meeting ever stricter standards in terms of energy performance.



  • An international, multidisciplinary team of researchers, spread between the headquarters in Lyon and the group’s production sites.
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including a biclimatic chamber to test new solutions in real conditions.
  • Work close to the field to develop products that are adapted to market needs.

Specialist skills

The Research, Innovation & Development (RID) team is split between the COMAP headquarters in Lyon and its technical design offices at its different factories in France and in Italy. Researchers from these different sites work closely together to optimise existing products and imagine new solutions. The teams have strong skills in electronics, mechanical, hydraulic and thermal simulation and work in partnership with engineering schools and universities to stay abreast of the latest developments in their different areas of expertise. They constantly monitor new technologies, in particular new communications protocols that will in future make it possible to connect the group’s products and integrate them within home automation systems.

The latest technology to develop new products

In order to design and develop innovative new products, COMAP uses the latest technology in terms of digital simulation and additive manufacturing for its prototypes. Since 2017, the team has also benefited from a biclimatic chamber on the Lyon site. This chamber makes it possible to test new products and systems in conditions almost identical to those on site. From temperatures of -20°C to +50°C, the researchers can test products and measure their performance in terms of thermal comfort in extreme climatic conditions.

Clients at the heart of the RID process

The RID team works closely with the marketing teams, to develop products that perfectly meet market needs. This collaborative work also extends outside the group, thanks to meetings with ‘reference installers’ during the product development phase. During this phase, several exchanges are organised to test product functionalities and on-site installation with these installers. This makes it possible to adapt the product according to their expert feedback.