A strong commitment to society

As an industrial actor in the building sector, COMAP seeks not only to reduce the impact of its own activities on the environment, but also to develop solutions that will contribute to better environmental performance in buildings. The group also aims to support young professionals, to help them adapt to changes in the sector.


COMAP is a partner of WorldSkills France, a competition showcasing the expertise of young professionals in a range of different areas, including plumbing and heating.


COMAP accords great importance to reducing the energy footprint of its own sites. The most recent example of this is the introduction of LED lighting in all its factories, leading to an average 60% reduction in energy consumption for lighting.


COMAP contributes to charitable initiatives, such the work carried out by the French association 1001 fontaines (1001 fountains). By providing the association with water treatment equipment it helps to offer clean water to disadvantaged populations in Cambodia, Madagascar and India.

An approach structured around three main areas

Using its expertise to help young installers

COMAP has been supporting plumbing and climate control professionals for nearly one hundred years, with products that have become a reference for the sector and a range of services to help them in their daily work.

This is the philosophy behind the CoExpert programme, an approach aimed at sharing expertise with clients and partners, through regular exchanges in the field, training sessions and technical assistance adapted to each project.

Naturally, COMAP is also interested in helping trainee installers, who will have to adapt to an ever more competitive market, a changing regulatory framework and new techniques and technologies which are revolutionising sector practices. COMAP seeks to support them as they deal with these changes, in particular through training sessions in apprentice training centres, or apprentice organisations such as the French Compagnons du Devoir, and resources put at their disposal on internet.

Reducing the energy footprint of buildings

A long-standing actor in the heating sector, COMAP has developed a number of solutions which contribute to energy efficiency in buildings. Its thermostatic radiator valves are an excellent example of this, allowing temperature regulation room by room in a home for efficient energy consumption, while ensuring maximum comfort for occupants.

Developing responsible water consumption

Building on long-standing expertise in environmentally-friendly water treatment technologies, COMAP develops and markets solutions which allow for better management of this precious resource. Its Komeo water treatment unit, for example, is a good alternative to bottled water, ensuring high-quality water in the home. Komeo also detects leaks, which can represent up to 20% of water consumed in the home each year.