Almost a hundred years old, COMAP has developed over the decades thanks to strong values, representative of a supportive, human-centric company culture.



Awakening the best in people and embracing technological changes to build a harmonious future.

We encourage the adoption of new ways of doing and thinking to allow everyone to learn and grow. Our teams must think ahead, closely following developments on our markets so that we can offer ever more innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.





Connecting people to meet needs more effectively and establishing a relationship of trust, opting for the simplest method.

We seek to create a working environment that generates trust and to foster strong relationships, both internally and externally. Our teams must cultivate relationships that are both human and professional; relationships that involve listening, helping, guiding and creating mutual value.




Team spirit

Sharing knowledge and skills and pulling together to succeed in our everyday projects.

We want to share a common vision with all our partners to consider solutions that ensure success. We must help each other and share and foster a real collective spirit so that we can create value together.





Embracing diversity and daring to break down barriers to think smarter and bigger.

At COMAP, we consider diversity as something valuable, allowing us to consider different points of view to find better solutions, improve our practices and be more efficient as a group.